13-19 juli 2024nijmegen

Brass Rave Unit (Live)

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Let op, dit is programma uit 2022, kijk hier voor het actuele programma.

BRASS RAVE UNIT UNITES, SHAKES AND ROARS. It will have serendipity. It will maintain stamina and it will sweat. It has come forth to deliver ecstasy to the masses in dire need. It is musical brotherhood that challenges and defies expectations. It never rests and it appears when it is needed most. Never too late, never too early.

Meshing sounds from the Dutch underground to the hardest hitting anthems of yesteryear the Amsterdam born and bred trio Brass Rave Unit have developed a fierce reputation for getting the crowds moving, both on stage and off. The pulsating combination of two horn players and a big red wardrum have caught listeners ears from New Yorks subway system, to Glastonbury, to sweaty afterparties in Amsterdams cavernous clubs.


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