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Vierdaagsefeesten 2023: what's happening

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How are you find­ing the Vier­daagse­feesten so far? Take a look at our pho­to albums in Face­book and the dai­ly recaps:

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Day 1: Vierdaagsefeesten successfully opened

We have begun! The Vierdaagsefeesten in Nijmegen, the largest event in the Netherlands, got off to a successful start Saturday. Early in the afternoon the city filled up. At the stroke of 16:00 we opened together with you on more than 20 stages at the same time. More than 300 musicians of mop bands and brass bands simultaneously played 'Celebration' by Kool & the Gang: an appropriate message for a week full of celebration and togetherness, where all ages and backgrounds come together in a versatile program with more than 1000 acts on over 45 stages.

Day 2: Everyone comes together

The traditional fireworks show 'Waal in Vlammen' made the heatmap in our app turn dark red around 10 p.m. Sunday evening, but nowhere did it require the notification 'full'. Both at Stadseiland Stek and on the other side of the Waal at Matrixx Live on the Kade and Smaakmarkt created pleasant crowds and fireworks were enjoyed by young and old alike. On both sides of the river a place was also created this year for people with mobility problems, which over 50 people gratefully made use of.

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Day 3: Early crowds on day three

Almost traditionally, visitors at Matrixx Live on the Kade jumped from left to right on Monday night. Snollebollekes proved to be as popular as ever, but also at other venues the parties, performances and artists contributed to an atmospheric third day of the Vierdaagsefeesten. The report 'crowded' and 'full' was issued early in the evening for Faberplein (Martijn Fischer and Ronny Ruysdael), Matrixx at the Park (Bizzey, $hirak and Stuk) and Matrixx Live aan de Kade (Snollebollekes and Het foute uur). While strolling through the city, you found your way to a favorite stage. Wolter Kroes and Henk Dissel in Molenstraat were also popular.

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Day 4: Popular performances and warm welcome to the walkers

It was pleasantly busy in Nijmegen on Monday. Three pressure reports were issued, but nothing required the 'full' report. Flemming was the busiest gig of the night, and also drew many teenagers with parents to Matrixx Live on the Kade. It was also busy for Kris Kross Amsterdam and Bankzitters at Matrixx at the Park. The third pressure report was issued for Credible, where ABBA tribute band Gimme Gimme Gimme! drew lots of crowds, combined with Happy Feelings and 90's Now at Kelfkensbos Festival. Also popular were Valkhof Festival with Planet Rose and Lander & Adriaan, as well as Gebroeders Ko on Molenstraat and Watermelon at Smaakmarkt. People also enjoyed the traditional Flower Rain at De Kaaij, and of course many other performances.

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