13-19 juli 2024nijmegen

The Terra Trilogy

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Let op, dit is programma uit 2022, kijk hier voor het actuele programma.

After a small period of silence the second week of July we’ll be back to celebrate Nijmegen’s up most illustrious and sensational week, better known as De Vierdaagsefeesten.

To live up to the standards of this
legendary summer spectacle and the roots of the city of Nijmegen we will
welcome each one of you to join us on an ancient quest for love, house
and harmony through three separate events. Proudly and full of
excitement we present you ‘The Terra Trilogy’.

opening chapter of the Trilogy goes by the name of ‘Tellus’ and will
take place right away on the first day of De Vierdaagsefeesten, which is
the 16th of July. Tellus is the Roman Goddess of the soil and the
harvest, a charming and warm-hearted women who is considered the
personification of fertileness and will cultivate the sandy grounds of
Strandbar Stek with the help of a hot and refreshing line-up:
grandmaster selector Hicham and the talented Teun Krosenbrink got you
covered. Get your groove on and get ready for Terra’s ‘Tellus’: a sexy
begin where you’ll flourish and steam like you never did before.

in the early afternoon of Monday the 18th of July, it’ll be time for
The Styx’ – the second chapter of our trilogy journey. In ancient times
The Styx was the name of the river that bounds the earth and separates
it from the underworld. In collaboration with Drift Op De Boot we’re
inviting you to hup on board to explore and defy Nijmegen’s own Styx. We
selected you the banging house specialist Ethel and the marvellous duo
The Romance Brothers, who will provide you the proper guidance through
these wild waters. Make sure you’re all set up for a bumpy ride full of
sweet and tantalizing records: ‘The Styx – Drift x Terra op de boot’
will sail you through your wildest and wettest dreams.

night of that same Monday the 18th we’ll arrive at the final
destination of our rollercoaster trilogy. Crossing the Styx means
entering the underworld. Our beloved and widely praised Brebl will open
its doors to have you sweating on a dance floor that squishes and boils
like the shield of a volcano and will be controlled by two dj-duo’s that
feel at home at the caverns of the universe: our big brothers that form
The Children of Valis and our cheeky residents Hennio. But although we
all know wrath and spookiness can be interesting and in a wry way even
seductive, in the end the daylight is what we wish for –Aurora, the
Goddess of dawn, is who we whish for. So come and descend, dance and
rise up with us at Terra’s final club night ‘Aurora’ and finish the
trilogy the way it should be.

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