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Frequently asked questions

Zomerfeesten or Vierdaagsefeesten?

Starting from the first edition in 1970 our event was called the Zomerfeesten (Summer Festival). In 1998 we changed the name to Vierdaagsefeesten, to emphasise the link with the Four Day Marches and the festival’s unique character. So our event hasn’t been called ‘the Zomerfeesten’ anymore for over twenty years!

Are the Vierdaagsefeesten and the Vierdaagse organized by the same organization?

No. The Vierdaagsefeesten are always organized by Stichting Vierdaagsefeesten, while the Internationale Vierdaagse Afstandsmarsen are organized by Stichting DE 4Daagse. We do work together in many different areas, to make sure the week runs as smoothly as possible.

What exactly does the new cup system mean?

When you buy your first drink, you pay a one-time contribution of €0.50 as an environmental contribution for the cup. For each subsequent order, you only pay the consumption price when returning your used cup. The same cups will be used throughout the city, recognizable by the Vierdaagsefeesten logo in the border. You can exchange your cup for a new one at an outdoor bar or terrace.

We ask you to bring your last cup to the bar as well, so we can recycle them to new ones. Cups cannot be exchanged for money. You can take your cup home and exchange it the next day for a drink in a new, fresh cup. It does not matter if the cup is folded or torn, as long as it is not covered in sand or other dirt. When this is the case, it can no longer be recycled properly. View the infographic.

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Celebrate the summer. In the city, in the park or on the beach.

Celebrate the long, sultry summer nights. Soak up the atmosphere. The beautiful city of Nijmegen. The music. The more than 1000 performances. Get together with your friends. And with respect. Dance, laugh, eat and drink. Enjoy to the full. Every day. Enjoy the festival: the seven most amazing days of the year!