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Frequently asked questions

When and what time do the Vierdaagsefeesten 2024 commence?

In 2024, the Vierdaagsefeesten will be held from 13 to 19 July!

In regular years, the outdoor stages start, depending on the location, between 2 p.m. and 3 p.m. or between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. The acts on the outdoor stages end on Saturday to Thursday at 12.30 am. On Friday this is at 1 a.m. After the acts on the outdoor stages, the terraces will remain open without music until 2 a.m.

At night, indoor programming continues in some entertainment venues, the opening hours are the same as the regular appointments throughout the year. This indoor programming is included in our programme.

What exactly does the new cup system mean?

When you buy your first drink, you pay a one-time contribution of €0.50 as an environmental contribution for the cup. For each subsequent order, you only pay the consumption price when returning your used cup. The same cups will be used throughout the city, recognizable by the Vierdaagsefeesten logo in the border. You can exchange your cup for a new one at an outdoor bar or terrace.

We ask you to bring your last cup to the bar as well, so we can recycle them to new ones. Cups cannot be exchanged for money. You can take your cup home and exchange it the next day for a drink in a new, fresh cup. It does not matter if the cup is folded or torn, as long as it is not covered in sand or other dirt. When this is the case, it can no longer be recycled properly. View the infographic.

Some terraces use hard cups, this is also possible. There is no environmental contribution, the circular cup of the VierDaagseFeesten cannot be returned here.

What can I do with a friends wristband or festival wristband?

Two types of straps

So there are two types of wristbands: a festival wristband costs 12 euros and a friends wristband costs 36 euros. The friends bracelet has the same benefits – access to the toilets and extra program – and also offers a 10% discount on merchandise. This band is for everyone who has a warm heart for the Vierdaagsefeesten and who wants to contribute to our ambitions in the field of sustainability and inclusion. In addition, 5% of the Friends Program proceeds will go to Maatjes Nijmegen, our 2024 charity.

Doubling the number of toilets

The wristbands are valid at all toilets at all stages, whether you go to Matrixx at the Park, Stadseiland Stek or the Ramblas. You will also find plenty of toilets between the stages, such as opposite Central Station. You can find the toilets on the map. The more people use a wristband, the faster the flow at the entrance to the toilets: you no longer have to pay, but you can quickly show your wristband. Please note: this does not mean that you will have priority at the toilets.

Wristband program

In addition to access to the toilets, a festival bracelet or friends bracelet also gives you daily access to an exclusive extra program, always from 2 p.m. to 10 p.m., at a different location in the city. You can view the program here.

Shop your wristband here!

Where do I get information during the Vierdaagsefeesten?

If you have downloaded our app, you will receive a push notification in the event of an emergency or heavy traffic. Moreover, you will automatically be kept up to date with the latest information. You can download the Vierdaagsefeesten app in the Google Play Store or the App store.

News and updates can also be followed on Facebook, Instagram and X.

During the Vierdaagsefeesten there will also be a number of illuminated signs throughout the city centre. Whenever important announcements or calamities occur these will be announced.

Sustainability and Vierdaagsefeesten: How does that work?

We are working on sustainability in many areas. The energy is almost entirely locally generated green energy. In the few places where fixed power connections are insufficient, we work with batteries (charged with sustainable electricity) or bio-diesel generators.

We also have a number of circular toilet facilities and a circular cup system to reduce the amount of waste. All collected waste is separated for recycling. We also map out how much CO2 is on your plate using the Klimato tool. We also encourage and facilitate our visitors to come by bicycle or public transport.

We are affiliated with the Green Deal Circular Festivals and Plastic Pact. Read all about our sustainability initiatives and how you can help here!

For more information, take a look at our sustainability page.

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