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Facts & figures

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What is a party without celebrating it with others? At the Vierdaagsefeesten we have got you covered: party together with one and a half million other visitors who can be found in Nijmegen these seven days.

"A freely, accessible and invaluable event for the generations of today and tomorrow"

Brand sur­vey: best atmos­phere in the Netherlands!

In the 2018 Event Brand Sur­vey by Bran­dAlche­my, a large-scale pub­lic sur­vey of the 50 largest events in the Nether­lands, the Nijmegen Vier­daagse­feesten ranked high­est for its atmos­phere, accord­ing to the Dutch pub­lic. Vis­i­tors expe­ri­enced the Vier­daagse­feesten as an active, bright, unique and friend­ly brand.

Vis­i­tors also ranked the Vier­daagse­feesten just below the Four Day march­es among the brands sur­veyed. The fes­ti­val also appeared in the top 5 of the strongest event brands among adults, togeth­er with the Four Day March­es, Pinkpop and SAIL Ams­ter­dam. In the rank­ing for strongest recre­ation brands in the Province of Gelder­land, the Nijmegen Vier­daagse­feesten is in the top 3, togeth­er with the Four Day March­es and Burg­ers’ Zoo, with a stronger brand than com­pa­ra­ble events. 

(Source: Hen­drik Beer­da, brand con­sul­tan­cy, 2019)

Facts & figures

  • More than 1100 performances
  • More than 4000 artists from the Netherlands and abroad
  • More than 40 podiums
  • 22,000 m2 of venue area: city, park, quayside and beach
  • 300 extra outdoors bars
  • More than 18,000 m2 of terraces
  • > 165 terraces
  • More than 20,000 terrace chairs

Number of visitors in 2019: 383,000 unique visitors throughout the week, jointly representing 1,625,000 visits over 7 days.

How many days do people spend at the festival?

  • 25% come for 7 days
  • 16% come for 6 days
  • 16% come for 5 days
  • 17% come for 4 days
  • 12% come for 3 days
  • 9% come for 2 days
  • 5% come for 1 day
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  • Average age of visitors is 29, of which 56% women and 44% men
  • Average spending €43.50 per person per day
  • More than 1,250,000 litres of drinks
  • More than 3500 m2 of selling sites
  • Total expenditure effect of Vierdaagsefeesten: €63 million

Where do the visitors come from?

  • 66% come from Nijmegen and the wider region (including North Limburg and East Brabant up to Cuijk, Grave and Arnhem)
  • 20% come from the rest of Gelderland, Brabant and Limburg, Utrecht and Flevoland
  • 7.5% come from Zeeland and North and South Holland
  • 6.5% come from elsewhere in the Netherlands or abroad


  • More than 13,000 announcements on TV, radio, in print, online and on social media
  • A reach of 94.6 million readers
  • A PR value of €3.3 million in seven days’ time
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