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Facts & figures

You celebrate a great party together with others. And count on that, during the Vierdaagsefeesten: party together with one and a half million other visitors who can be found in Nijmegen for seven days. This makes us the biggest event in the Netherlands and one of the biggest in Europe.


The Vier­daagse­feesten are rat­ed as an event with an aver­age report mark of 8.4. 94% want to come back to the par­ties in the com­ing years. 95% rec­om­mend friends and acquain­tances to vis­it the par­ties.

In com­par­i­son with oth­er events

A large-scale poll among the Dutch pub­lic (Bran­dAlche­my) shows that out of all 50 largest events in the Nether­lands, Vier­daagse­feesten is in first place when it comes to expe­ri­enc­ing a pleas­ant atmos­phere. We are also in the top five strongest event brands among adults, togeth­er with De 4Daagse, Pinkpop, Sail Ams­ter­dam and Bevri­jd­ings­fes­ti­val. Vier­daagse­feesten as a brand scores high­est on the attrib­ut­es active, cheer­ful, unique and likeable.

Brand sur­vey: best atmos­phere in the Netherlands!

In the 2018 Event Brand Sur­vey by Bran­dAlche­my, a large-scale pub­lic sur­vey of the 50 largest events in the Nether­lands, the Nijmegen Vier­daagse­feesten ranked high­est for its atmos­phere, accord­ing to the Dutch pub­lic. Vis­i­tors expe­ri­enced the Vier­daagse­feesten as an active, bright, unique and friend­ly brand.

Vis­i­tors also ranked the Vier­daagse­feesten just below the Four Day march­es among the brands sur­veyed. The fes­ti­val also appeared in the top 5 of the strongest event brands among adults, togeth­er with the Four Day March­es, Pinkpop and SAIL Ams­ter­dam. In the rank­ing for strongest recre­ation brands in the Province of Gelder­land, the Nijmegen Vier­daagse­feesten is in the top 3, togeth­er with the Four Day March­es and Burg­ers’ Zoo, with a stronger brand than com­pa­ra­ble events. 

(Source: Hen­drik Beer­da, brand con­sul­tan­cy, 2019)

Facts & figures

  • More than 1300 performances
  • More than 3500 artists from the Netherlands and abroad
  • More than 46 podiums
  • Nijmegen city centre as event site: 1.798 million m2
  • 300 extra outdoors bars
  • More than 18,000 m2 of terraces
  • 130 terraces
  • More than 20,000 terrace chairs

Number of visitors in 2019: 383,000 unique visitors throughout the week, jointly representing 1,625,000 visits over 7 days. On average, most visitors come for almost 4 days, resulting in 378,788 unique visitors in 2022.

How many days do people spend at the festival?

  • 25% come for 7 days
  • 16% come for 6 days
  • 16% come for 5 days
  • 17% come for 4 days
  • 12% come for 3 days
  • 9% come for 2 days
  • 5% come for 1 day
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  • Most visitors to the Four Days Festivities are between 18 and 34 years old
  • About as many men as women come
  • Average spend per person 48.95 euros per day
  • More than 1,250,000 litres of drinks
  • More than 3500 m2 of sales areas
  • Total spending effect Four Days Festivities 64 million euro

Where do the visitors come from?

The Vierdaagsefeesten attract visitors from all over the Netherlands, but most (56%) come from Nijmegen or Nijmegen's neighbouring municipalities (9%). It is estimated that at least 2% of visitors come from abroad.


  • More than 13,000 announcements on TV, radio, in print, online and on social media
  • A reach of 94.6 million readers
  • A PR value of €3.3 million in seven days’ time
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