13-19 juli 2024nijmegen
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Artists and orchestras

At the Nijmegen Vierdaagsefeesten you will find more than 1000 acts on more than 40 stages! You can also enjoy the pleasant sounds of the orchestras in the streets and the street theatre. You can register below if you are interested in performing on one of the stages of the Four Days Marches or if you want a permit as a (street) artist or (mop) orchestra.

Per­for­mance on one of the stages

Reg­is­ter as an artist for 2024 

You can reg­is­ter as an artist for 2024 by fill­ing in the form below. This data will be for­ward­ed to the var­i­ous pro­gram­mers in due course. We do not pro­gram the stages our­selves. If a pro­gram­mer of a square/​stage is inter­est­ed, he or she will con­tact you.

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Mop and loop orchestras

The per­for­mances of music and run­ning orches­tras are always a reg­u­lar and high­ly val­ued part of the par­ties. When there is a lot of inter­est, we make a choice from the offer.

We apply the fol­low­ing rules for this:

- max­i­mum group size is 20 people

- ampli­fi­ca­tion by elec­tron­ic means is not allowed

- played for a max­i­mum of 45 min­utes at a time per location

- do not play with­in 60 meters of a stage of our programming

- you will receive the walk­ing route when you obtain the permit

Per­cus­sion groups will receive a sep­a­rate walk­ing route and no more than 1 sam­ba orches­tra will be sched­uled per evening.

Reg­is­ter your orches­tra via the link below. You will receive a response from us at the end of May/​beginning of June.

Street per­form­ers and theatre

We want to give street artists/​theatre the oppor­tu­ni­ty to per­form in the city cen­tre, pro­vid­ed that the whole radi­ates qual­i­ty and fits in with our par­ty idea. We have a small fee avail­able for (semi-)professional theatre.

The fol­low­ing rules apply:

- ampli­fi­ca­tion by elec­tron­ic means is not allowed

- per loca­tion, a per­for­mance may last no more than 45 minutes

- You will receive the loca­tions where you can play when you obtain the permit

Reg­is­ter via the link below (prefer­ably with a pho­to, YouTube video or oth­er visu­al mate­r­i­al) and we will let you know at the end of May/​beginning of June whether you can get a per­mit and/​or com­pen­sa­tion for this.

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