16-22 juli 2022nijmegen

Who are we

Placeholder for Team Vierdaagsefeesten2020 Jan Willem de Venster 1Team Vierdaagsefeesten2020 Jan Willem de Venster 1

It is our great pleasure every year to organise the largest free event of the Netherlands. We are a small, young and enthusiastic team, led by a director administrator. Our team is strengthened every year with a number of project leaders.

Stichting Vierdaagsefeesten is part of ACBN Evenementenbureau Nijmegen. If you’re curious about our other activities or how we can help you, take a look on our website!

The team

As an enthusiastic and professional team, we’ve overcome many obstacles and enjoy going the extra mile, driven by our passion for the festival and the city.

Our team is not alone in making this yearly event a great success. Without the visitors and our partners there would be no Vierdaagsefeesten! This means that you too are part of the Vierdaagsefeesten team!

Steering groups

A number of invaluable steering groups made up of local citizens and entrepreneurs meet a few times a year to discuss the developments and innovations of the Vierdaagsefeesten. This leads to useful, sometimes critical feedback which we do our best to integrate.

If you live in the city centre or have a catering business and would like to take part in these meetings, please e-mail us!

Supervisory Board vacancies

We currently have 2 open vacancies on the Supervisory Board of Stichting ACBN and Vierdaagsefeesten. For more information, please contact Joris Bouwmeister at j.bouwmeister@acbn.nl

Vierdaagsefeesten team

Placeholder for ACBN1 Hanenkamp E1 A0058 web 1 roodACBN1 Hanenkamp E1 A0058 web 1 rood

Joris Bouwmeister

Placeholder for Leo Weterings 1 groenLeo Weterings 1 groen

Leo Weterings

Director Vierdaagsefeesten
Placeholder for Marlijn Hoefnagel 1 paarsMarlijn Hoefnagel 1 paars

Marlijn Hoefnagel

Placeholder for Marieke Peters groenMarieke Peters groen

Marieke Peters

Manager Programmering
Placeholder for Marit paarsMarit paars

Marit Veeneman

Mobility, Sustainability & Facilitation
Placeholder for Madelon Kersten roodMadelon Kersten rood

Madelon Kersten

Placeholder for Rowin groen2Rowin groen2

Rowin van Wijhe

Leases & Security
Placeholder for Suzanne rood2Suzanne rood2

Suzanne Kuijpers

Secretariat & Communication
Placeholder for Linda groenLinda groen

Linda Kok

Secretariat & Project Support
Placeholder for Marie An paarsMarie An paars

Marie-An Timmermans

Secretariat & Board Support
Placeholder for Inge rood2Inge rood2

Inge Ormel

Placeholder for Renske paars2Renske paars2

Renske Seegers

Intern Marketing & Communication
Placeholder for Malik rood2Malik rood2

Malik Sanders

Intern Security

Supervisory Board

Placeholder for Ina paarsIna paars

Ina Hol

Supervisory Board
Placeholder for Antoine groenAntoine groen

Antoine Driessen

Supervisory Board
Placeholder for Wilbert roodWilbert rood

Wilbert Gitmans

Supervisory Board