16-22 juli 2022nijmegen

Our ambition

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Celebrate the summer. In the city, in the park, on the quayside or on the beach. Celebrate the long sultry summer nights. Soak up the atmosphere. The beautiful city of Nijmegen. The music. Get together with your friends. And with respect. Dance, laugh, eat and drink. Enjoy to the full. Every day. Enjoy the festival: the seven most amazing days of the year.

Over the past 50 years we have grown into the largest event in the Netherlands and one of the largest in Europe: spread over seven days more than 1.5 million visitors find their way to Nijmegen. But our ambition is not to continue to grow indefinitely. We are far more proud of the fact that among the 50 largest events in the Netherlands, we rank highest in terms of atmosphere: The Vierdaagsefeesten is the event with the best vibe in the Netherlands!

Our mission is to bring people together in a safe, friendly setting where everyone can be themselves and embrace new experiences. We want to create the space you need to enjoy, be at your best, and broaden your horizons.

Our ambition is not only to continue to join forces with our partners and visitors to create the event with the best vibe in the Netherlands, but also to grow into an event of significance, one with an important social impact.
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Our secret?

The Vierdaagsefeesten is not a single event, but 40 festivals rolled into one: every podium is its own festival. Some 15 event organisers, caterers and cultural institutions are each responsible for the programme of one or more podiums. They all have their own specialties: pop, classic, rock, techno, urban, jazz, songs about life. Big names, upcoming talent from the Netherlands and abroad, cover bands, but also theatre, dance, workshops and lectures.

This means every street corner has a different atmosphere and attracts a different audience: all ages and layers of society come together. The Vierdaagsefeesten connects generations: feel comfortable celebrating with your mother, grandpa or young cousin.

The Vierdaagsefeesten is an invitation to get out of your comfort zone and be surprised. There where you least expect it you’ll find the best performances and the greatest people. Make new friends, get out of your bubble and into the filter bubble and celebrate with an open mind!

Our role

Catalyst, director and developer

We are the directors of this event. Directors who think along, join in the work, and act as a catalyst. We believe in renewal and think it’s important to introduce you to new ideas and innovations. This is why we consciously choose to involve the local business and scientific community in the Vierdaagsefeesten. So we can create a festival for the generations of today and those of tomorrow. More about our partnerships.

An event on this scale has a tremendous impact on the surroundings. We take full responsibility for this, both in front of and behind the scenes. This also means engaging our power as a large podium to contribute to a healthier society, together with our partners and sponsors. For example, we are always looking for better ways to work together in creating an event that makes a difference. Self-evidently sustainable and responsible.

Our backdrop: Nijmegen

We are proud of the fact that our event takes place in the heart of Nijmegen: during the third week of July, the entire city centre is infused with the Vierdaagsefeesten. For a little while, we are the capital of the country and more than hundreds of thousands of people make their home every day on the Waal.

The city slogan of Nijmegen as the oldest Dutch city is: ‘Old city, young vibe.’ And you can really feel this as you stroll from podium to podium during the Vierdaagsefeesten. Podiums pop up in the most unlikely places: shopping streets, churches, parks, museums, even parking garages. As you discover the festival, you also explore the city. So it’s hardly surprising that more than half of the festival visitors say they want to come back to Nijmegen after the Vierdaagsefeesten!

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Choice stress and hidden gems

With more than 1000 acts on more than 40 podiums, the Vierdaagsefeesten truly has something to offer everyone! If you’re looking for special highlights and hidden gems, follow one of our themes, in which we’ve bundled our programmers’ favourite acts. Which of these suits your taste best?

I Music
Indie, pop, rock, metal, singer-songwriter

Tear-jerkers, songs about life, Dutch, local

Dit is goud!
From the 1990’s to today, the best all-round party music

Take some time-out, new experiences, beach, greenery, classical music, workshops, lectures

Uit je plaat
Dance, techno, disco, house, hip-hop, R&B

Grenzeloos genieten
Salsa, world music, reggae, funk, ska, blues, soul and jazz

We also offer special kids activities for families

Vierdaagse and Vierdaagsefeesten

The Vierdaagsefeesten began in 1970 under the name Summer Festival, to offer all the walkers of the 54th edition of International Four Day Marches some entertainment in the city. Although the Vierdaagsefeesten is now an independent event and many visitors come to the city for the festival atmosphere and programme alone, the Four Day Marches and the Vierdaagsefeesten are still inextricably linked. Despite being two separate organisations, we share common values such as vitality, health, solidarity and sustainability.

On Sunday and Monday, when the walkers come to pick up their starting numbers the city is filled with fresh walkers on the eve of the marches. On Tuesday and Wednesday, the Four Day Marches route runs through the city centre, and festival visitors enjoy cheering on the walkers from the side lines. On Wednesday, many festival visitors wear pink as a symbol of acceptance and diversity. Our Pink Wednesday dress code has also been adopted by many Four Day Marches walkers. And after the Friday finish on the Via Gladiola, festival visitors can share a beer with the tired, but happy walkers. Incidentally, the more serious party-goers will also have covered quite a bit of distance by then: a tour past all the festival podiums is approximately 7 km long, and takes seven days to complete!

Celebrate the start of the summer. Free and accessible. Enjoy the festival.

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