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As the city is visited by thousands of people during the Vierdaagsefeesten we advise you to head to the centre by bike, by public transport or on foot, if possible. This also helps Vierdaagsefeesten in its sustainability goals. More information on ways to get to the city below.

Want to cycle to the city? Check the map for the extra bike parking spots to see where you can park safely. For opening hours of guarded bike parking spaces, check Use the app fietsplek for free spots at the general guarded parking spots of the city Council.

Lost your bike? If you parked your bike incorrectly, it might be taken to AFAC - check here if your bike is there, or try In case you think your bike was stolen, contact the police.

Train to Nijmegen? No problem! There will be additional trains between Zwolle-Arnhem-Nijmegen, Utrecht-Arnhem-Nijmegen and 'sHertogenbosch-Nijmegen. Saturday until Thursday the last train to Arnhem leaves at 01.56 and to 's Hertogenbosch at 01.58. On Friday the last train to Arnhem is scheduled at 02.27 and to 's Hertogenbosch at 02.31.

Because of the crowds on Friday there will be extra trains between Nijmegen and Arnhem Central Station. This means there will be no direct trains between Nijmegen and Utrecht or Arnhem and 's Hertogenbosch.

Arriva will provide more (night) trains between Arnhem, Doetichem and Tiel and from Nijmegen to Venray and back. Moreover, there will be greater capacity on the trains between Nijmegen and Venlo.

Make sure you upload money onto your OV Chipcard. These spots might be busy at night.

For current travel information use the websites: NS or the travel planner by NS Arriva.

Heading over by bus is a good option, but make sure to check the stops ahead of time, as they might differ from the regular busstops due to the festivities. Check Breng for current travel information on Breng buses.

Check Arriva for their current travel information Plan your trip ahead on , or use the app.

Leaving Nijmegen by bus? Take a bus from station Nijmegen or Caniussingel near the Waal Bridge.

There will be additional night buses by Breng, with a different ticket price for this week.

Unable to travel on foot, by bike or public transport? Park your car outside of the city centre. Navigate to the transferium and take a bus to the centre from there.

P&R 4Daagse Keizer Hendrik VI- singel Nijmegen

  • Sunday 16 July: 12.00 - 18.00
  • Monday 17 July: 9.00 - 18.00
  • Tuesday 18 July: 3.00 - 19.00
  • Wednesday 19 July: 3.00 - 19.00
  • Thursday 20 July: 3.00 - 19.00
  • Friday 21 July: 3.00 until Saturday 22 July, 2.00

This area is particularly meant for Walkers of the 4daagse, but freely accessible. The parking ticket (€10 euros) includes bus rides to and from the city for 4 people.

Sustainable and fun: travel together! Use the Samen Rijden Tool to see if you can carpool with other visitors.

If you'd rather park your car in the city centre, you can park at these parking lots:

  • Keizer Karelgarage
  • Parkingterrein Oude stad
  • Eiermarktgarage
  • Holland Casino garage
  • Kelfkensbos garage
  • P-Molenpoortdak

Navigate to the Kiss & Ride location at Keizer Karelplein to be dropped off.

There are 5 taxi spots in Nijmegen:

  • Stationsplein
  • Bisschop Hamerstraat
  • Hertogstraat
  • Smetiusstraat
  • Doddendaal

Find them here in our app or on the map.

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