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The oldest city in the Netherlands is bustling with energy! In line with our slogan: Old City, Young Vibe. A night out on the town, a gourmet meal, shopping or nature: Nijmegen has it all. And within walking distance too: you can walk from the heart of the city centre and be standing among the Konik horses on the Waal beaches in just 15 minutes.

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Combine your visit to the Vierdaagsefeesten with a visit to Nijmegen city centre. Would you like to discover another side of Nijmegen, either before the party starts in earnest or after a night out? In Nijmegen anything is possible! On IntoNijmegen you will find a complete overview of all activities, shops and events in Nijmegen.

Discover the best shops in your favourite style, the many walking and cycling routes the city has to offer, or what you should definitely not miss out on when visiting the historical city centre. Discover the oldest city of the Netherlands and really get IntoNijmegen!

Tip: Walk of the Town

Follow a discovery route of more than 7 km through the centre of Nijmegen: Walk of the Town. This green walking route will take you past cultural hotspots, historical and iconic buildings and spectacular views and artworks inspired by the sites along the route. On the way you will find information boards with fun tips and historical facts.

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