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New: Vierdaagsefeesten festival wristband!

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Posted: 07 June 2022, 15:00 hour

For true partygoers, we present the Vierdaagsefeesten festival wristband. This wristband gives you exclusive access to a fun extra every day, for just €10 and allows you to use the toilets without paying*.

Why the festival wristband?

We like to offer something extra especially to loyal Vierdaagsefeesten visitors who come for several days. We asked them what we could do to make them happy and they responded with two wishes: a special extra experience and not having to pay separately at the toilets. With this wristband, you can walk through all the outdoor toilets and skip the payment line.

With a festival wristband, you can enjoy not one, but 7 extra programmes during the Vierdaagsefeesten. Every day we have a different surprise in store for you, from 15:00 to 00:00, always at a different location in the city. From ball pit disco caravan to ice cold art experience and from drag queen bingo show to intoxicating ritual: let us surprise you and immerse you in an extra party experience!

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How to get a wristband?

The wristbands can be ordered from now on for €10 via the webshop. Note: limited edition available, you snooze you lose! On Thursday 14 and Friday 15 July, the wristband can be collected at various locations in the city, including Van Buren (Molenstraat 89), Holt (Houtstraat 75), Tierney's Irish Pub & Restaurant (Molenstraat 55) and Café Samson (Houtstraat 4). From Saturday 16 July you can visit our merchandise stand at the end of Burchtstraat. For shipping costs you can also have the band delivered to your home in advance. Once you have put it on, the band cannot be undone, so it is non-transferable and you can keep it on all week long. The ultimate festival feeling! Our staff has the right to tighten your band.

Where is the wristband valid?

*All outdoor toilets placed by the Vierdaagsefeesten on the festival grounds automatically participate, at all stages, for seven days. The fun extras can be found all over the city, at a different location every day. We will keep you in suspense about what and where exactly, but we will update you in time!

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Friends Programme

Become our friend and support us this year, starting at 36 euros. That is only 3 euros per month! You will not only receive a wristband, but you will also contribute to our ambitions in the field of sustainability and inclusion. Furthermore, on presentation of your wristband you will receive a 10% discount at our merchandise stand at the Vierdaagsefeesten. 5% of the proceeds of the Friends Programme will go to Stichting Vincentius, a Nijmegen volunteer organisation dedicated to alleviating poverty and loneliness and to promoting health.

Will the Vierdaagsefeesten become paid for?

No, we are very proud of the fact that we offer such an extensive and free programme of more than 1000 acts on over 40 stages. We really want to keep it that way! This year, as a pilot, we are launching 10,000 of these festival bands. If this proves to be a success and we want more, it will mean that we will have extra income in the long run. This will make our budget, which is partly dependent on sponsor contributions, a little less vulnerable and will ensure that we can continue to organise the largest event in the Netherlands free of charge!