13-19 juli 2024nijmegen

Wilbert Pigmans

Placeholder for Wilbert Pers 3Wilbert Pers 3

The Toreador Wilbert Pigmans broke through in 2019 and now the whole of the Netherlands and Belgium know the hit.
A performance by Wilbert is a true party explosion with only HITS! Nothing is too crazy for him, name a title and he will sing it! Wilbert is therefore often referred to as the walking jukebox.

During his performances, current hits and medleys follow each other in rapid succession. Standing still is impossible during a performance by Wilbert.
From north to south, from Spain to Austria, from pub to disco, from beach party to après-ski party, Wilbert knows how to win over the public everywhere with his great performance, and is therefore a welcome guest at parties.

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