15-21 juli 2023nijmegen


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The Avalancheboys is formed by Koen and Addie. They have been an indispensable party duo since 2001. They now have 4 Awards for Best Party Act and two Golden Records . It cannot be otherwise, because their repertoire is not small. Hits like: 'Sex Met Die Kale', 'Joost', 'Lawinesong' and 'Zuipen' are still heard at every party.

A performance by the Avalancheboys is a real party explosion. The hits follow each other in rapid succession. Standing still is impossible. From north to south, from Spain to Austria, from pub to disco, from beach party to barn party, they get the public going everywhere. With a lot of energy, humor and a suitcase full of their own Party hits, they turn every performance into a blast.

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