13-19 juli 2024Nijmegen

The Tommyrots

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Four scoundrels have found their calling in making original retro pop-rock. Two “Toms”, a bass guitar and a drum. Literal...

The Tommyrots (literally “the nonsense”) harmoniously invite you to participate
to the pointless pastime of listening to their new creations. Never before has it mattered more than to surrender and be carried away by this authentic sound, shaped by echoes of the past.

Inspired by old legends such as The Beatles, The Who, Stealers Wheel,
but also by more contemporary artists such as Blur and The Lemon Twigs; the boys of The Tommyrots combine inventive and catchy melodies with striking chords, accompanied by raw guitars and characteristic vocals.

On stage, the Tommyrots want to take people into their thoughts and carry them away in the feeling. This phenomenon is also called the “Tommyrots experience”. “Each song is an endless journey full of emotion that is empowered by the pure energy that the audience gives and that we receive” – Tom Vrolijk

People are usually only aware after the concert that they were gripped by this effect and then want nothing more than to go to another concert.

“Fortunately, The Tommyrots are playing again soon.” – Anonymous fan

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