13-19 juli 2024nijmegen

Sweet Milk

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Honest, recognizable pop songs with rock and soul influences.

The Achterhoek band SweetMilk originated around singer / songwriter Mike Mendels. Mike comes up with the ideas and develops them together with Daniel into songs that will never leave your head. Han, Jurgen and Remco complete the band. All down-to-earth, experienced musicians who have earned their spurs in various bands.
This energetic stage unit is a joy to listen to and watch.

SweetMilk's music is honest, refreshingly simple and recognizable. The lyrics deal with everyday subjects that everyone can relate to; the everyday atmosphere of ordinary life. These various subjects are aptly sung by the band in sometimes heavy rock songs, as well as in more calmly constructed pop songs with surprising musical twists.

And the name SweetMilk? That is a nod to former cyclist Joop Zoetemelk. He was a national hero, but above all very humble and ordinary. He was good at what he did because he probably just liked it too... riding a bike.
Just like SweetMilk just likes to play nice!

We are proud of the 1st rave reviews:

“For SweetMilk I was fortunately on time, what a wonderful band, a lot of my own work and the occasional cover.The band seems a bit influenced by bands like Crowded House and Split Enz, but I also hearda 70s vibe in it.”

“Thanks, really liked it, nice songs and good vibe.”

“I think SweetMilk is one of the most talented bands in the Achterhoek. Saw them on Hootchiekoe andI was immediately impressed. And tonight it turned out that SweetMilk has much more to offer. The band played much harder than at the aforementioned festival, but oh, so good, and I'm not exaggerating when I write that I think this band, which has only been around for a year, is already one of the better Achterhoek bands.

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