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Sher is a versatile, charismatic singer/songwriter/entertainer from Nijmegen.

Let's leave age aside for a while, but let's say she already has some experience.

Born in Nijmegen, raised in Buren (Gld) and then came back to Nijmegen to study and never left.

The great passions are music, travel, beer and anything with cats.

Sher studied history but soon found out that the hospitality and travel world were more interesting at that time. After having worked in these sectors for a while, she entered the music world via Café Dollars, in Nijmegen. And that turned out to be the right choice. Years later, she can no longer be ignored from national and international stages.

Sher is best known for her many shows with covers, but her first work is already on Spotify.

In terms of genre, Sher has his own work in the cabaret, pop and folklore corner. With her characteristic low and warm voice, you will also notice the inspiration of singers such as Tracy Chapman, Nina Simone, Stevie Nicks and Beth Hart. However, you can always enthuse Sher for any genre.

2019 was a top year in terms of performances, and 2020 would only surpass this, only three months later the virus entered the world. That turned everything upside down, including Sher's musical capabilities. Fortunately, she did not sit still and in that time completed a training as a music manager, for example, and started working as a volunteer at retirement homes and as a singing teacher.

Fortunately, the bookings are now flowing in again for 2022 and 2023, so it all seems to be going in the right direction with live music.

You'll Never Rock Alone.

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