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René le Blanc known for the hit 'If I Tell You'.

Immediately after graduating from secondary school, René le Blanc from Arnhem made his entrance into the world of showbiz. René was a big fan of Engelbert Humperdinck and Tom Jones, among others, and because of his warm deep voice, his look and his version of 'Please Release me' he was also called the Dutch Humperdinck.

In 2009 René switched to Dutch song and in a short time a number of singles were released, such as 'Jij Makes Me Crazy', 'Kleine Madonna' and 'Ik Laat je Nooit meer go'.

In 2011, René le Blanc ventured across the border and released a German-language single with the title 'Ich Lass dich Nie mehr Gehn', which also hit the German market.

The combination of voice, performance and appearance make René le Blanc a very popular artist on various stages and can no longer be ignored on the stage of the Pasar Malams.

In 2020 René was asked to participate in the SBS TV program 'Ik Believe In Mij' where he was quickly embraced by the Dutch public. His single 'If I Tell You', which he recorded in that program, became a big hit, making him frequently seen and heard and still is in various radio and TV programs.

2021 started well for René, he signed a record deal with NRGY Music and released his first single 'My Babylove' at the beginning of February with this company.

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