13-19 juli 2024nijmegen

Q5 New Style

Placeholder for Q5 New Style Coverband Boeken Hire Book Buchen DJ Band 17Q5 New Style Coverband Boeken Hire Book Buchen DJ Band 17

Confetti sticks in your hair and with your last bit of voice you scream ' we want more! ' You would still take it easy and ask yourself aloud: 'Where did this go wrong?'

Q5 combines the best features of a band and a DJ. Creates quick mixes between different music styles and takes you from one to the other. Q5 is sometimes rock, sometimes dance and everything in between . Can entertain like a band and bang like a DJ, but always in their own way.

Where every other band stops, Q5 goes one step further . Because just when you think the climax has been reached, Q5 thunders over it one more time. Q5 conquers you and drags you into a total experience of music, video and fx . Just try to stand still when everything else is going crazy!

This show is inspired by major international acts and brings recognizable hits in surprisingly original versions that everyone can effortlessly sing along to.

We already apologize for your hangover and your hoarse voice, while you wonder how it could have come this far.

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