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Nelis Heesbeen

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From childhood he stood with a microphone in my hands. But it was only when he was 14 years old that he really started singing at family and friends parties. Performing for acquaintances was really not there because he had serious stage fright. In 2004 he was approached by my great-nephew Henk Damen. He asked him if Nelis wanted to sing at a promotion evening for the regional TV and radio 'Dijkland'.

He set himself to just do it and so he stood on the stage and the singing just came naturally! He received so many nice reactions that he was healed from stage fright for good and was ready for bigger parties and events. In December 2004 he recorded his first album 'Life is too beautiful' with covers of various well-known Dutch-speaking artists.

Through the singer Kapalone he got the telephone number of lyricist Hans Wiggen. With him, he has selected 4 texts that appealed to him the most. The single 'La Luna Amore' was recorded in June 2005 by Lei de Bruyn of 'Royal Music Productions' in Kerkrade.

This single is now being promoted on all pirate stations and internet radio. August 14, 2005 was his CD single presentation with the cooperation of 'Antonio', 'Henk Damen', Franky Falcon, Gerda and many others. In short, this was how he got to where he is now as the singer of the Dutch-language life song.

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