13-19 juli 2024nijmegen
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Get those dancing shoes out of the closet, because Nana Benz du Togo will make you move from the first second to the last - 3600 seconds in total. The group does this with a combination of modern electronic influences, their own, organic interpretation of Western dance and of course Togolese music.

Fun fact: Nana Benz du Togo is named after well-known businesswomen who were particularly successful in the 1970s. Appropriate, given that this group knows how to distinguish itself with an unparalleled mix of genres and influences, bringing Togo to the world, and vice versa. Just like those businesswomen back then.

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Loosen up your hips and enjoy music from all over the world. Salsa, latin, world music, reggae,…

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Valkhof Festival - Arc

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