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Artist duo, lovebirds and “heit en mem” MR&MRSHOSPES have been on the road for years to make people happy with music. How? With the MR&MRS camper, 3 small hustlers and boxes full of passion.

It all started in the pub, in 2012. Trynn - MRS - said she and Freerk - MR - would be married in 5 years. The rest is really history. How could it be otherwise, when two enthusiasts meet and they both turn out to be breathing music? After all, one plus one equals two. Fortunately, because MR&MRS is a package deal.

After they were married, indeed within 5 years - nice Trynn - the musical honeymoon along the European coast began. This turned out to be a 4.5-month (literally and figuratively) tour, during which they lived off performances in the most beautiful places. When they got home they knew for sure: we had to keep making music together. This was the start of a period full of parties, weddings and other events, where they managed to entertain, delight and/or move the public time and again. A doppio tour and own theater concert followed. In 2021 it was decided that they wanted to go full-time - really full-time - for music. And so they did.

2022 is for MR&MRS the year of new adventures, new energy, new concepts and *drum roll* new songs. New own songs, that is. For the past few months, they've been busy writing songs that are now just as much a hit with the listeners as with the couple themselves. They will also be showing these during the “OFF ROAD” promo tour from April 25 to May 29. No worries. After that, they are still ready for you with normal bookings, including the finest covers, guilty pleasures and sing-alongs.

“Here's a gentle reminder that life has a funny way of working out – and that sometimes, it's worth taking a risk.”

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