13-19 juli 2024Nijmegen
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The line-up of MmoozZ has not changed for years. It is a close-knit, very well attuned group of musicians. Despite those years of experience, MmoozZ remains youthful, energetic, enthusiastic, professional and above all creative!

The band's creativity, off stage and on stage, is unique. Did you know that MmoozZ is the first cover band to come up with a completely new tour every year? Upcoming NXT LVL Tour even with a completely new stage design. MmoozZ keeps reinventing itself so that the show is not only fresh for you, but also for the band members themselves.

NXT LVL takes you on a journey of approx. 3 hours. A show with hits that you have forgotten existed up to and including the hit you heard on the radio for the first time yesterday. The hits thunder over you. It's not for nothing that MmoozZ is 'The band with more than 130 hits in 180 minutes'.

'It's that MmoozZ doesn't release their own music, otherwise they would play in stadiums' is one of the nicest compliments given to MmoozZ. They play every gig like it's their first, their last or their biggest show ever. That energy is contagious. This way you are taken on a musical adventure and the band will not let you go.

Oh yes, with the 'By Request' cards you can also indicate what you want to hear. And that is surprisingly often heard!

MmoozZ has rightly been one of, if not THE, best cover band in the Netherlands for years.

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