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Michael Prins has been an established name in the Dutch music scene since 2013 and broke through with the hit single 'Close To You', from his debut album 'Rivertown Fairytales'.

Together with producer Reyn Ouwehand, he then steadily worked on his second studio album 'A Dreamer's Dream Is Forever To Be Yours', containing the successful singles 'Lost In Your Love' and 'Fear Not', a duet with Carice van Houten.

What typifies Michael are the lyrics. Regularly poignant and full of irony. Considering despair, sincerity, power and inevitable false promises.

What differs in the albums is the musical setting. Where 'Rivertown Fairytales' is virtually solo, lyrical piano ballads with grand arrangements with strings and horns form the basis for the second album 'A Dreamer's Dream Is Forever To Be Yours'. His latest studio album 'It's Murder, Guilty of Killing Sweet Emotion', released in October 2017, is a typical band record.

On his new upcoming album - release spring 2022 - Michael works together with singer-songwriter Douwe Bob. It is this new work, supplemented with the well-known songs and hit singles, which Prins will perform during his upcoming concerts.

With this, Michael Prins always stands for the typical songwriting that we are used to from him, but always in a different musical form. In this way he manages to continue to fascinate both on his albums and during his performances. The style of his performance shows that Prins opts for authenticity and authenticity on stage.

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