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Rutger van Barneveld known for the series 'I believe in me' and the hit 'Helena'.

Since 2002, the singer and entertainer Rutger van Barneveld, who comes from Tiel, can be found on stages throughout the Netherlands. Before that, he sang alone at home or for family and friends at private parties. When Rutger was asked to perform during the party of the local football club in Tiel, the ban was broken. This was his first public performance, with stereo tower and microphone, dead nervous of course, but the evening was a great success. Then he knew: "This is what I want to keep doing, singing and entertaining for large groups of people".

In 2011, Rutger released his first single entitled “Helena”. During the Waalkadefeesten in 2012, Rutger won the singing battle and with it a duet with Frans Duijts. That duet eventually took place during the Dutch Evening of the Betuws Spektakel.

In December 2013, the real life series “I believe in me” started on the regional channel Omroep Gelderland. Partly due to the success of the series, Rutger will release a new single at the end of June 2013 with the title "A day out of a thousand dreams". At the end of 2015 there was a sequel to the success series of Omroep Gelderland called: ”How is it now”.

Talpa Network decides to broadcast this series on SBS6 in 2020. Due to his participation in the national version of “Ik believe in me” Rutger suddenly becomes a well-known Dutchman. The whole of the Netherlands embraces the sympathetic “just act normal” artist Rutger van Barneveld. The new release of his hit “Helena” is hitting all the charts.

Season 3 of the series "I believe in me" will start next fall on SBS 6 and Rutger will also be seen in various TV programs. Rutger is also musically active, his new songs are on the shelf, more news about that soon.

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