15-21 juli 2023nijmegen

Klassiek Goes Underground - Philharmonie Nijmegen

Placeholder for Philharmonie Nijmegen Jan Willem de VensterPhilharmonie Nijmegen Jan Willem de Venster

Philharmonie Nijmegen consists of more than 35 amateur musicians with a passion for music. The orchestra – formerly Noviomagum Wind Orchestra (NMWO) likes to play a challenging and varied repertoire that mainly consists of orchestral music, transcriptions of classical works and original symphonic harmony compositions and an occasional trip to light music or musicals.

Robert Sheldon – Images
Philip Sparke – Suite from Hymn of the Highlands
Bill Whelan - Firedance
Philip Sparke – David of the White Rock
Philip Sparke – Strathcarron
Johan de Meij – Wind in the Willows

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