13-19 juli 2024nijmegen

Kidsplein: Roel Seidell 4+

Placeholder for Roel Seidell foto door Dennis VloedmansRoel Seidell foto door Dennis Vloedmans

Nijmegen children's author and illustrator Roel Seidell reads from his books. Together with him you make a 'jippy stick'. This way you can stay cheerful all summer long!

Roel's best-known book De Jippiestok has been published in several languages. The story is about Bear. He is sad when he meets Mouse. Mouse is very happy, because she has a yippie stick. Bear can borrow it for a while... After The Jippy Stick , All Dog! and other stories you make your own yippie stick with the help of Roel. You can use it yourself or give it to someone else.

Gelderland Zuid Library, LUX , Nijmegen Regional Archives and House of Nijmegen History give you a warm welcome at Kidsplein (on Mariënburgplein) during the Four Days Marches celebrations. Here you can dream away with beautiful stories and get creative. Splashing with water, relaxing in the hustle and bustle, meeting cheerful children's book authors and enjoying a lot of fun. are you coming?

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