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In its jubilee year 2010, the collector 'Het Beste Van Jannes' was released, containing songs such as 'Dam Dam', 'A Little More', 'Go Dan', 'Ietsie Petsie' and 'Als Het Zonnetje Schijnt'. Plus all the other hits of course.

In September 2012, his fans flocked to the Rotterdam Ahoy, where Jannes showed that he is one of the biggest artists in the country with a sold-out spectacular show. There he could of course perform his greatest hits. But a man of the people. The textbook example of an artist who has grown up by remaining completely himself, an ordinary boy.

New album

His latest album 'Wij Vieren Het Leven', which was again produced in collaboration with Jannes' regular writing and production team Emile Hartkamp and Norus Padidar, shows why Jannes has built up such a large fan base in recent years. 'We Celebrate Life' is the successor to 'Op Full Power', which came out of nowhere in 2012 at the top of the album list. The album is Jannes' first CD, on the revived Dino Music label, and comes with a DVD for fans of clip recordings made in Denmark.

Information about Jannes

Musical diversity has been a spearhead for years. And that is very important for singer Jannes. From the emotional first single 'Let Me Gaan' to an unadulterated cheerful sing-along like 'Allen Even Lief', in which Jannes sings about that we all have something, the co-written by the Ko Brothers 'Zo Mooi Man' or a typical summer Jannes- track like 'What Have I 'n Gelukkie'. But also in less obvious styles such as the disco influences that can be heard in 'Geef Die Traan Aan Mij', or the minimalist guitar sound on the closing 'Ieder Afscheid Kent 'n Traan', a song that comforts many listeners. will draw out. The album's release will be followed by a series of performances in the country and a theater tour in Willie Oosterhuis' show; Willie's Door. Here again to be able to stay close to the people and let them enjoy new songs. Every new work and every new single.

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