15-21 juli 2023nijmegen
Festival op 't Eiland Sunday 17 July, 21:00

De Leven

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Welcome to De Leven's Farewell tour. 2022 will be our farewell, but that is of course not possible without visiting Festival op 't Eiland. And that's why we present to you: The Life on your Island!! The Leven leave the mainland to turn the Island upside down. The concept is now clear. De Leven provides (not so) guilty pleasures, dance classics and hard bangers that you didn't know you wanted to hear. You put on your most beautiful slippers, skirts, sunglasses, shorts & dresses. Together we dance and sing De Leven!

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Festival op 't Eiland

Op ‘t Eiland is van alles te beleven! De hele dag door is er internationaal straattheater voor jong…