13-19 juli 2024Nijmegen

Constant Swinkels (Radboud Universiteit) – Ontdek de verborgen natuur langs de Vierdaagseroute

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Hikers come from far and wide to Nijmegen to walk the Four Days Marches. On their walking tours they traverse the many landscapes that surround Nijmegen. Although this produces beautiful pictures, we often don't look much further. Have you ever wondered what kind of (hidden) nature the hikers pass by? And how special is this nature on an (inter)national scale? Constant Swinkels, ecologist and researcher at Radboud University, will take you on a journey of discovery into nature along the route in his lecture. He tells about the ecosystems that the hikers pass, what you could 'spot' here and how special this is in an (inter)national context. He also makes a link with the research that is currently being done by the university in these landscapes.

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