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Yves Berendse

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Yves Berendse

The Zandvoort singer Yves Berendse has become an integral part of Dutch pop music. In 2016 he signed a recording contract with Dino Music and his single 'Zin In Jou' immediately became a big hit in the country and on the radio. With songs such as 'Vakantieliefde', 'Als Ze Danst' and 'Lust', Yves Berendse is a popular artist on the Dutch stages!

Buma Talent Award
A brief look back at his career shows that 2016 was a year full of development for Yves Berendse. Not only because he signed his 1st record contract, but the singer also received the Buma Talent Award for Best Newcomer, which gave him an enormous drive to grow and work hard on an even better repertoire and stage presence.

First Album
With the release of his first album 'The End of the Beginning' in early 2018, he managed to surprise many. The album was presented in a sold-out Tuschinski Theater in Amsterdam during his first major solo concert with his own band. His album 'The End of the Beginning' means above all the beginning of many new dreams.

Open Air Theater Caprera
At the end of May 2019, Berendse will give his second concert, this time in a sold-out Caprera in Bloemendaal. Together with his live band, Yves put on a wonderful show. The 1,300 people present sang his songs aloud and the songs were interspersed with personal stories. Later that year a beautiful live album was released.

Yves' Home Sessions
Despite the strange period, Yves Berendse did not sit still in 2020; during the corona period he scored high with the "Yves' Home Sessions" on Social Media. In his own way he performed special songs such as: 'Against All Odds', 'I Want To Know What Love Is' and 'She' . He also showed his audience a completely different side of him.

In the summer of 2020, Berendse released the summer song "Let it Lose" and was a welcome guest at various dinner shows throughout the country.

How Can It – new single summer 2021
July 2021 Yves will launch his new single 'Hoe Kan Het'. An uptempo song written by Billy Dans, Hansen Thomas, Mark Pattiapon and Yves Berendse himself and produced by Justin Pieplenbosch.

“The release of the single 'Hoe Kan het' feels like a new chapter. Since 2015 when I started singing I have been looking for my own musical identity. I have recently gathered a new team around me and have now really found my own sound.

Gone for good - Unreleased Hazes song sees the light of day after 20 years
On February 9, 2022, Yves will release his new single FORGOED VOORBIJ. It's a timeless ballad about letting go of someone you love. Behind the number is a special charge; the song was written by Rosetty de Ruiter, former writer and composer of well-known Hazes SR hits. Rosetty wrote this song in 2002 and was actually intended for André Hazes SR. When he first heard this song he wanted to release it. However, this never happened. “I feel very honored that I can still release this song”.mer written by Billy Dans, Hansen Thomas, Mark Pattiapon and Yves Berendse himself and produced by Justin Pieplenbosch.

The concert building
On 2 May 2022, Yves Berendse and his band conducted by Bas van de Heuvel will give a full evening concert in a sold-out Concertgebouw.

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