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Win je eigen Feestje

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Win your own party at Stadseiland Stek ❤️🏖️

Have you always wanted to host your own party with friends at one of the Vierdaagsefeesten stages? We are happy to help you :-) In our Beach Café we will make time for two parties of yours on Sunday and Thursday between 15.00-19.00! And you really don't have to be an event organizer for that. Even if you have always wanted to work out that one bizarre idea for a party with your group of friends, join us and who knows, the Strandcafé with DJ booth is for you.

All we ask of you is an Instagram post, story or reel in which you mention @stadseiland.stek. Let your creativity run wild and make it clear to us in a playful way why you deserve that place on all of our Stekkie :-) Please also mention whether you have a preference for one of the two afternoons.

We will announce the winners on July 1, so you still have some time to put your heads together. Good luck!

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Stadseiland Stek - Strandcafe

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