13-19 juli 2024nijmegen

Two Of A Kind

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We are Marco and Wilma Massar-Akkermans, have played together at “ Renegade” and “Bare Essentials”. Since this year we continue together as a duo called:

"Two of a Kind"

Due to corona we couldn't perform. Marco now also has his own recording studio called “MAAK studio", he had music and lyrics from a song for a long time. He then elaborated this and there is our first track: "Walk on the sidewalk of memory lane". Because we already regularly perform at care centers, we thought we would come up with a name for a duo. Why Two of a Kind, well we are like two hands on one stomach. Same taste of music. He thinks and I call it, hence. I ( Wilma ) had also written a text for some time about the divorce and what impact it had on the children. The melody came up spontaneously one evening. So our second track was a fact : “A Mother's Love.

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