13-19 juli 2024Nijmegen
Más Sum­mer Vibes Thu 20 Jul 15:00 - 20:30

TOP 2000 Request show

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Top 2000 – You ask, we play & run!

The We Go Back DJ plays the greatest hits, the best sing-alongs and the most beautiful songs on request

The Summit 2000 .

With live performances by Gangmakertje:

Rene (Gangmakertje) has become a kind of Live Jukebox after 25 years of 'living from playing'. Old,

new, tearjerker, alternative, pop, (even Happy-Hard-Core with guitar!).... Just call.....

He plays about 200 songs by heart and is a musician who senses the atmosphere and adapts.

This singer/guitarist plays from Hazes to Oasis, from Jan Smit to Sting and from Everly Brother to

Justin Bieber. A true entertainer! from terrace to festival! so fits perfectly in our Beach club for all ages!

Enjoy the familiar, enjoy the entertainment content and the interactive!

Don't feel like calling requests? During this We Go Back edition there are special beer coasters

where the audience can fill in their favorite song. These can then be placed in the We Go Ba(c)k and

Pace maker and the DJ let themselves be surprised!

15.00-15.30 DJ interactive

15.30-16.00 Act : Pace maker – request - interactive

16.00-16.30 DJ interactive

16.30-17.00 Act : Pace maker – request - interactive

17.00-17.30 DJ interactive

17.30-18.00 Act : Pace maker – request - interactive

18.00-18.30 DJ interactive

18.30-19.00 Act : Pace maker – request - interactive

19.00-19.30 DJ interactive

19.30-20.00 Act : Pace maker – request - interactive

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Location & stage

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Más Sum­mer Vibes

Verwacht een relaxte lounges­feer met swin­gende jazz, soul, blue grass, latin en straatthe­ater.

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