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It is 1998, Tino Martin is only 14 years old. He then comes into contact with the artist profession for the first time in the beach club of his uncle and aunt. The band that will provide the evening musically asks him on stage. Tino sings a song and from that moment on there is no doubt about him. He wants to do this for the rest of his life. From that day on, everything went very fast, he started singing with orchestral bands and the requests for Tino's first paid performances started pouring in.

At the age of 16 – with two years of stage experience – he won the Scheveningen Talentenjacht 2000 and made a name for himself in the region.

In 2002 Tino is a finalist of Hennie Huisman's Soundmix Show with a song by René Froger. The telephones are red hot at the booking offices. He makes his appearance in prime time TV shows alongside several major Dutch artists.

In the following years Tino performs a lot at home and abroad. In this way he develops into a widely respected singer and artist with a unique sound and appearance. During this period he works on his own fan base and serves a wide clientele.

In 2009 Tino Martin definitively established his name as a “live artist” through a number of sold-out performances with a live orchestra in the Concertgebouw in The Hague and in Het Paard van Troje. This has resulted in rave reviews from his audience and the national press.

In 2013, he signs a multi-year recording contract with Studio One. The time is now ripe for the definitive breakthrough, so he works day and night on his own new repertoire in the studio. His unbridled commitment and infectious energy soon pay off, resulting in the fantastic song 'Do what you want'. This is a sing-along of unprecedented quality.

In 2014 Tino will release three new singles, namely: The celebrated man, My friend and You let me down. Three songs in which he clearly shows his own sound and takes a new path. Tino is currently also working on an album, which will include these singles.

2015 was a particularly successful year for Tino Martin. In the spring of 2015 he was a much-discussed candidate in the SBS6 program Blood, Sweat & Tears. Later that year, in the first weekend of October, he was twice in a sold-out Schouwburg van Amstelveen. In the same weekend his first own album 'You dropped me' was released. The album was in the Album Top100 for weeks and his singles, including the 'Koos Alberts Award' winning 'Still I will always think of you', were viewed and streamed millions of times on YouTube and Spotify in a short period of time. Tino is developing as an artist loved by young and old alike. With 400 performances, he can call himself the most booked artist of 2015 and he received the ultimate award, an Edison for his first album 'You dropped me'.

In 2017 and 2018, Tino will be standing in front of 17,000 frenzied fans in a sold-out Ziggo Dome and will give a unique concert in Ibiza. He also releases the album 'How I see it' and receives the Edison Pop Award for the second time. In October 2018 the live registration of his Concert 'In the Round' will be released in the Ziggo Dome and he will release the album 'Home come only the tears', which is his most personal album to date. On June 8, 2019, Tino Martin will give his biggest concert of his career in the Olympic stadium.

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