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The Moonlights

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What once started as a hobby has grown into a dance and entertainment orchestra which has been working professionally for more than 26 years now and has amply acquired their name recognition both at home and abroad (Germany, Belgium and Spain). Orchestra The Moonlights is a formation that was founded more than 40 years ago as a trio, now it consists of a two-man formation, Angelien Liebers and Sascha Pouwels, they have been working together for more than 29 years within the orchestra The Moonlights, which celebrated their 35th anniversary in 2015. have been able to celebrate together with their audience and Fans.

They have gained their name recognition through their unique voice and their recognizable Moonlights sound. With many great artists ( Frans Bauer, Jannes, Benny Neyman, Henk Bernard, Frank van Etten, Benny Neijman, and Django Wagner ect..

but also The Sunstreams (of which singer Wim Liebers De Vader van Moonlights Angelien Liebers) they have already shared various stages and several times they have been asked to enrich TV recordings with performances, other media, radio, etc., have also means a lot to The Moonlights, partly because of them people at home and abroad can always continue to enjoy music and singing of The Moonlights.

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