13-19 juli 2024nijmegen


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Broadway, the name is synonymous in the world with glamour, class, surprising entertainment and atmosphere. Anyone who has ever been on Broadway sees and tastes the culture of music and experience and is surprised time and again. It's the same with Broadway the Band.

That is a combination of a lot of experience, a lot of enthusiasm, a high musical level, a very surprising repertoire full of Guilty Pleasures and a feast of recognition, 6 very sympathetic top musicians and a great hard-working crew. The ideal interpretation for any event, because the cover band Broadway can and wants to play everything and everywhere. From company parties to the largest tent parties and from the most intimate wedding to a swinging disco.

Broadway is the ideal band to work with. Without all kinds of frills, but just very thorough, always performing optimally and above all of a top level in the Netherlands. Broadway belongs to the top of the Dutch cover bands and shows that always and everywhere!

Broadway is an always innovative band and it shows again and again. With new repertoire, new stage parts, new light shows, use of specials such as CO2 and fireblasters and even more class and glamour! So come see it!

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