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Rein Mercha

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Rein Mercha (Reinard Dewus) was born on February 27, 1963 and lives in The Hague at the caravan center . Rein Mercha is a thoroughbred Sinti gypsy and is really proud of that. He is a true folk hero among the gypsy people. Rein comes from a large family, lives for his music and his greatest hobby is horses, both breeding horses and riding them.

Rein released a CD in the 90's with songs sung in Sinti (Gypsy language) as the only and first in the world. Rein has already appeared in various TV programs and last year was a guest in Antje Monteiro's real-life soap 'Gipsy Girls'.
An arti-documentary about Rein's life has also been made, titled 'I Soeni', which means 'the dream'. This documentary, for which he was followed for almost 2 years, has been screened in all art cinemas in the Netherlands, even in Canada and New York. The film has also been broadcast twice on Dutch TV.

Rein Mercha is one of the few singers in the Netherlands with such a recognizable powerful and full voice with a unique sob, combined with lively hand and arm movements that are characteristic of Rein's performance. He is undoubtedly one of the top Dutch live singers. , because what this man shows on stage, few sound so convincing and full of devotion. The time now finally seems ripe for the whole of the Netherlands to enjoy it. Since the broadcasts of the TV program 'Bloed Zweet & Tranen', Rein has already managed to win over his own fan base.

With his renditions of 'Een Man Mag Niet Huilen', 'Lonely Without Jou' and last but not least his first hit single 'Hou Van Mij', which even reached the Top 10 in June 2013, combined with Rein's well-known Dutch-language adaptations of world hits, the performance is an absolute sing-along party from start to finish!

Listen for yourself to his latest album 'Vol Passion & Emotion' on which Rein can be heard in all his qualities and that was released on June 28, 2013.

Rein is one of the entertainers in the Netherlands, since the successful BZ&T broadcasts a household name for the Dutch-speaking fans, his performances….. one great party!

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