13-19 juli 2024nijmegen

Radboud Universiteit Kids lab; van legorobots, een snoepjeswenteltrap, een escaperoom tot een Gravity Well

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Radboud University
Nifti, transporting people floating
Look at the floating transport of the future! It seems like science fiction, but when you see the small demo car that glides smoothly over the magnetic track, you can imagine that in a few years' time people will move around a city in this way. Everyone to the destination of his or her own choice, quickly, safely and above all: clean.

Magnetism escape room
Learn all about magnets in the escape room. Can you crack the binary code, reverse an object and make something unstable stable? Only then will you escape from the escape room!

DNA: a spiral staircase of colored candies
You get your DNA from your biological parents: half from your mother and the other half from your father. But why are you different from your mother and father? Find out with us. We show you how DNA is constructed. You can also make (and eat!) your own DNA strand with sweets.

Programming: scratch and lego robots
Get started yourself with LEGO® robots and Scratch. Can you program the robot?

Purifying water with micro-organisms
Build your own water treatment plant! Microorganisms, including bacteria, are found almost everywhere. Most bacteria are important for a healthy world. Come discover what micro-organisms exactly are and how they can contribute to, for example, the purification of wastewater.

Gravity Well
Astronauts, comets and stars float in space. Is there no gravity in the universe? Yes! Come to our Gravity Well and we will explain to you in detail how it works. But be careful! Maybe you're being pulled so hard that you end up in a black hole!

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