15-21 juli 2023nijmegen
Limitless Ramblas Saturday 16 July, 16:00


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Sometimes life brings together a group of people who might otherwise never have met. Our classically trained jazz drummer and bassist share a desire to create music that is close to the soul with a self-taught guitar player/vocalist and a writer who has started singing. Because they approach music from different angles, Querencia's musicians bring out the best in each other and realize a sound that remains unnamed. The different music styles together create an unexpectedly fresh, danceable and tropical mix in which the text goes at least as deep as the bass line and the message is just as important as the music.

The word 'Querencia' is derived from 'querer' which means both to love and to desire. It reflects the longing for that place where you feel most at home; where you are at home and you feel welcome. Where do you get your strength from. It is the absolute foundation of our life. Querencia's roots are in Turkey, Indonesia, Spain, Costa Rica and the Netherlands. It is precisely the resulting differences that connect the band, inspire and provide the ultimate foundation. From there Querencia makes music; Inspired by multiple genres, music movements and philosophies, Querencia reflects on friendship, the world and pure being, wherever or whatever that may be.

Vocals: Ellis van de Bosch
Guitar & Vocals: Dilan Tekin
Bass: Jurriaan de Kok
Drums: Django

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Shake those hips and enjoy international music of all continents. Salsa, Latin, world music,…

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Onvergetelijke en ontspannen momenten beleef je tijdens de Vierdaagsefeesten op de Van Schaeck…

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