13-19 juli 2024nijmegen

Meester Moeilijk kopie

Placeholder for Meester Moeilijk Mysteryland 2016 c Dennis BoumanMeester Moeilijk Mysteryland 2016 c Dennis Bouman

Master Difficult has been walking disarmingly smiling through the international nightlife and entertainment world for more than fifteen years. “The Master” isn't quite as complicated as its name suggests. In his sets (with unique “Good Feeling Guarantee”) you can hear smooth disco, happy soul and house, pop and popular indie classics.

Master Difficult is positive, cool, inviting, sometimes a bit deeper, but always cheerful and effective. Difficult is also not a shy wallflower DJ and likes to have a microphone within reach: A witty joke, an announcement, a presentation with a wink… All of course in line with the evening and based on the hypersocial instinct that makes the Master so beloved.

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