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Marvin de Geest

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On a "get out of hand" New Year's Eve, where he grabbed the microphone, the reactions were so positive that at every subsequent party he also got the microphone to sing a few songs. in 2010 it was therefore decided to contact Frank van Etten to produce the first single ''Go but door'' and a second track on this single ''Kleine Kameraad''. This first single was so well received by the public and radio stations that the first serious steps were taken. To continue the good start, the singles ''Liefdesverlangen'' in 2011 and ''Fiesta Accordion'' in 2012 were recorded by Peter La Haye. After several years of silence, he contacted Frank Verkooyen in 2015, to record the single ''Ben zo groen aan je'' in The Boom! Studio. A contemporary cover of the song ''Not Responsible'' by Tom Jones. This collaboration ensured that the thread was picked up again and from that moment on, a new single was signed every year. In 2016 there was also ''Will you ever be mine''. Once again a cover was chosen, because this had been a hit with the previous single. This time the inspiration came for a contemporary cover of the song ''Let The Music Play'' by Barry White. ''Will You Ever Be Mine'' became a (small) success for Marvin. The single created more fame in the country, both among the public and the radio stations. This was followed up in 2017 with the single ''You Hear In My Life'', in 2018 ''I Don't Know What You Do'' and in 2019 ''If She Look At Me''. Marvin has never hidden that he wanted to work with Manfred Jongenelis and that one of his wishes is to record a song especially for his daughter, who was born in 2018. Both wishes will be merged at the end of 2019. Marvin contacts Manfred Jongenelis and engages Diane Theunissen to create the lyrics & music. This resulted in the single ''Lieve Kleine Meid''. Through Manfred Jongenelis, Marvin comes into contact with Robby Langendorff, from Smaragd Music, among others. After a good conversation, it is decided to start a collaboration and to release the new single under Smaragd Music. The new clip will be recorded by Gerrit Driessen of Driessen Films & Fotografie and ''Lieve Kleine Meid'' will be ready in March 2020, to be shown and heard by the public. Marvin is delighted with the new single. ''This is the sound I like the most. I hope that ''Dear Little Girl'' will be well received, so that we can continue to build on this. The steps that I have already taken give me a good feeling for the future.”

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