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Martijn Fischer graduated in 1997 as an actor at the Utrecht School of the Arts. During his studies he earned his living by singing in a party band. After his studies he works for theater companies such as the RO theater and the National Theater with directors such as Matthijs Rümke, Peter de Baan and Pieter Kramer.

He can be seen alongside Tjitske Reidinga, Loes Luca and Peter Blok in the plays De Ingebeelde Zieke and Augustus Oklahoma from the Utrecht Games. He has also performed on stage with the company De Verleiders with the performance Slikken en Stikken. After having played almost everywhere in the country for about 50 sold-out halls, they also performed for 14 days in theater Carré in front of a sold-out house.

Martijn appeared on television and the white screen in, among others, Baantjer, Afblijven!, Gooische Vrouwen and Vrijland. In 2013 he sings during the coronation on the Museumplein.

Recently you have been able to see Martijn in TV series such as Vechtershart and Petticoat and a whole list of films including; Skirt Day, Our Boys, Dikkertje Dap, Men from Mars and Our Boy in Miami. He also played the role of Jesus in the Passion. Martijn can also be seen in series such as De Slet van 6 VWO and Good Times, Bad Times.

FISCHER “As a late arrival in a family of four, I always had to stand on the table to mimic the Osmonds my sisters loved and to act out TV commercials. That was fun and a nice kind of attention. When I was in high school I was quite a shy guy. We had drama class and I noticed that it helped me get over some of the shyness and eventually it became one of my favorite subjects. Yet I was only 25 when I really went to drama school, I had first done all kinds of other things that came my way, such as drumming in bands and lugging building blocks for the real professionals. Afterwards I am very happy that I chose this profession, it has brought me a lot of good; I visit nice places and I meet special people. I'm a lucky bastard!”

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