13-19 juli 2024nijmegen
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On Pink Wednesday, WTF returns with none other than Mandidextrous from Bristol. In 2019, the trans-queer advocate came to Valkhof Festival shortly after the release of their first 'Speedbass' EP. With their unique sound, Mandidextrous has shaken the drum and bass world to its foundations; countless artists copied Mandi's 'four to the floor' sound. With the help of London DJ Sweetpea (also at Club Voerweg Hosted by WTF!), Mandidextrous ended up with RAM records, perhaps the largest drum and bass label in the world. This summer, Mandidextrous will headline all major drum and bass festivals. Including Club Voerweg hosted by WTF, because - especially considering the bizarre evening last year - it can also be included in that list. A great name to close the WTF evening with and to make our Club Voerweg 2.0 burst at the seams!

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Valkhof Festival - Club Voerweg

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