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Maarten van Praag (presented by HKconcerten)

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Maarten van Praag: a pleasant hoarse, penetrating and recognizable voice. Songs that touch you, straight to the heart. Maarten is a singer and a storyteller, a musician and a performer.

The common thread in his existence as a songwriter is the encounters with many people he encounters on his path. His palette is formed by the moments when his life intersects that of another. Maarten van Praag is a musician who has both feet firmly planted in today's world.

Over the past 20 years, Maarten – grandson of the legendary singer Max van Praag – has covered many miles within the music world. He was the frontman of the group City to City (number 1 hit, Edison, etc). His solo debut was released in 2011; 'Between Space and Time'.

Alone or with a band, Maarten plays in all corners of the country - from living room to pop stage to summer festival. The many conversations he has along the way with audiences, musicians and journalists slowly but surely push him in a new direction – out of his comfort zone, ready to write in a different way than before. More and more often he tests songs in front of the public, what doesn't work is sometimes literally adjusted on the spot.

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