13-19 juli 2024nijmegen


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A brand new band!

But filled with experienced musicians who want nothing more than to have fun with each other and the audience. The repertoire is somewhere between Celine Dion, Slayer and Mart Hoogkamer.

It shoots in all directions and the audience regularly determines what will or will not be played. Everything is possible and allowed, and especially the love for the profession and each other splashes from this band.

Frontwoman Sher shamelessly maneuvers through all the wonderful wrong hits and enchants everyone who comes her way with her characteristic warm voice, self-mockery and a good dose of charisma.

She is assisted by the dexterous and talented guitarist Bart, who likes to play his solos between people and can play away any genre with ease. The always cheerful drummer Thijs, who regularly breaks out into rap and can't stay on his drum stool for more than 3 songs. There has to be dancing. And of course also the man who really makes the most dance moves on an evening and drives the audience wild with his dedicated backing vocals and dad jokes, Niek on bass.

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