13-19 juli 2024Nijmegen

Linde van Schuppen (Radboud Reflects) – De vele gezichten van waanzin

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What does it mean to be 'crazy'? People dealing with psychosis or schizophrenia sometimes seem trapped in a world that other people cannot reach. But does this also mean that others cannot understand that world? And can we put all these different stories under a generic and outdated label of 'schizophrenia'? Nothing is easy in psychiatry. Where one suddenly hears voices out of nowhere, the other is convinced that they are being chased by the CIA. Nevertheless, in both cases there is often talk of a psychosis. That sounds like a clear diagnosis, but it doesn't mean exactly the same to two people. What does this mean for the way we view people dealing with mental health problems? Come and discover the many faces of madness with philosopher Linde van Schuppen.

Radboud Reflects organizes lectures for everyone about philosophy, religion, ethics, society and culture. The (international) scientists who speak to us offer you an innovative and in-depth look at the big questions of our time.

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