15-21 juli 2023nijmegen
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From glass-hauler to one of the most popular party acts in the Netherlands. From a joke in 2017 from 4 friends to a sold-out 013 Tilburg in 2019. That is Singer Kafke in a nutshell. Singer Kafke makes bars and festivals explode with his Brabant accent and up-tempo Dutch party songs.

The now golden single "Springen" completely turns Kevin Verhoeven's life upside down in 2018. Several singles and collaborations (with, among others, Outsiders and FeestDJRuud) follow. Two years later, this party act is indispensable in places where beer and confetti predominate. Armed with the spell "The more you drink, the better I'm going to sound!" he gives every party a golden-yellow edge!

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