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I was born John West on June 23, 1988 in The Hague. Music has dominated my life from an early age. I have always loved the different styles of music. I have also always been the center of attention, whether at home or at school. After I started working as a DJ from the age of 14, the moment arrived on my 18th birthday that I took the microphone and sang the hit "I'll go where the Music takes me" with my friend and colleague Mike Peterson.

In collaboration with mike I recorded my first single “Know what you start” which I released again in 2012 in a completely different version. After having released several singles in the Dutch pop genre. In 2010 I took a different path by working on a new single in collaboration with Manfred Jongenelis. My words were “Manfred I want a party song sometime” I didn't really have to say much because Manfred immediately felt what I wanted exactly. And yes there it came. After not thinking too long, he grabbed a pen and paper when he was done he shouted: I've got it! “Your Look Your Voice” and this was it. To this day, this song still takes me to places I never knew existed.

After several singles, something very big was just around the corner. I got the chance to perform at the biggest sing-along party of the year together with a few colleagues. “Toppers in concert 2012″ I saw 200,000 people in 3 days in a sold-out “Arena” for 3 days. In 1 word “Fantastic” In November 2012 I released my debut album, with how could it be otherwise titled “Your Blik”

On February 14, 2014 I released the follow-up album with the title “Your Voice”. In early 2015 I participated in the SBS6 broadcast TV program “Bloed Zweet & Tean” where I eventually made it to the final. Something I'm super proud of.

John West distinguishes himself as a singer by the repertoire he brings and which, in the popular and party segment, always has a certain style and class. His voice that is recognizable from thousands means that his fan base continues to grow. Over the past 10 years, John has proven to be a fixture on the Dutch stages. With hits such as Your look, Wit Zwart, Lekker Ding and his latest single Nee Ik Rij Niet, he always manages to surprise his fans and he has since performed on many small but also large stages.

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