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Joel Borelli

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Joel Borelli was born on June 22, 1980 in Eindhoven. His father and mother are particularly musical. Grandpa's old piano is in the middle of the living room and is played on it every day. Joel is dancing in his box as a little boy. Music has been poured in with the spoon. It doesn't take long for little Joel to take a seat at the piano. Mama teaches him the first chords and in no time he teaches himself to play.

As a boy of 12 he takes piano lessons, but it soon becomes clear that Joel plays from his heart. He can't play notes, to this day Joel still doesn't read a note.

As a 20-year-old lad, Joel goes to the bars to take a seat behind the piano and earn some extra money next to his studies in sports marketing. Soon the Scheveningen successful formation Crazy Pianos caught his eye. Here Joel learns the trade of entertainment and builds up a huge repertoire. Joel is now playing everywhere and is becoming one of the faces of Crazy Pianos.

10 years ago Joel was discovered by manager Wim Franke. Wim brought him to an unprecedented high level in the short term. Performances follow each other in rapid succession and the Joel Borelli show is a fact. In 2020 Joel is the most requested pianist in the Netherlands with more than 180 shows a year at home and abroad.

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