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jewelste: 100% jumping guarantee

You can never get enough of your Welste! The band has been rumbling across the country's stages for over 15 years with unwavering energy. The five-piece formation plays criss-cross through the best songs from then and now. From 'Bohemian Rhapsody' to 'Paris' and from Daft Punk to The Beatles. The gentlemen of Jewelste do not shy away from anything, except well-trodden paths.

jeWelste has a very strong musical persuasiveness. The band does not bluff with heavy visuals or CO2 cannons, but convinces young and old with their inimitable musicality, unparalleled harmony vocals, infectious enthusiasm and audience participation. Regardless of the size or composition of the audience, jeWelste always offers a 100% jumping guarantee.

jeWelste plays everything and everywhere

It is not for nothing that jeWelste was asked in 2009 by Guus Meeuwis to provide five support acts for his 'Groots met een soft G' tour in the Philips Stadium and the Abe Lenstra Stadium. It is not without reason that jeWelste is a welcome guest at festivals, alongside acts such as Kane, VanVelzen, Racoon, Di-rect and Bløf. It is not without reason that jeWelste is a tradition during Leidens Ontzet. It is not for nothing that jeWelste regularly plays outside (eg in Val Thorens and London). And it is not for nothing that the band has a large and loyal fan base.

jeWelste is Guido Huffenreuter (guitar / vocals), Kenneth Markesteijn (bass / vocals), Ivar Pijper (keyboards), Jurrian Snoek (drums / vocals) and Erik Vorstenbosch (vocals). The quintet guarantees steaming festivals, resounding galas, frenzied weddings, astonishing corporate events, with hoarse throats, empty barrels, swinging ties and lost shoes.

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